HOTLINES - Please Call:

Crisis Department Hotline (Indiana Co.)


Substance Abuse Hotline (Westmoreland Co.)


NA Hotline




Blairsville Support Group Against Drugs - 724-388-1124

Connect Church Recovery - 724-840-8321

FAVOR Western PA - Bolivar - 724-676-2111


Sages Army (Westmoreland Co.) - 724-863-LIFE

Or attend a meeting:


Connect Church Recovery--Thursdays 6:30pm

Rt 22, Blairsville, PA


Celebrate Recovery 

FAVOR Western PA -- Tuesdays 6:30pm



Sunday: Indiana, PA 7-8 PM

Survivors [Open # O]

Zion Lutheran Church, South 6th & Church St.


Monday: Indiana, PA 7:30-9 PM

24 Principles for 24 Hours [ Open # D I]

Graystone Presbyterian Church, 640 Church St (in basement)


Tuesday: Indiana, PA 7-8 PM

Calvary Evangelical Free Church, 100 Ben Franklin Rd.


Wednesday: Indiana, PA 12 Noon-1 PM

High Noon [ Open # D]

Church of Christ 225 East Pike Rd.


Wednesday: Homer City, PA 7-8 PM

No Matter What [Open # D L O]

Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church, 35 Ridge Avenue


Thursday: Indiana, PA 7-8pm

Subject to Revision (literature study) [ Open # C K V]

First Unitarian Universalist Church, 285 Twolick Dr.


Friday: 8-9 PM/9:30 PM

Why Die [ Open # C K V]

First Unitarian Universalist Church, 285 Twolick Dr.


Saturday: 12 Noon-1 PM

Clean an d Serene [ Open # D O]

665 Philadelphia St., 2nd Floor


Saturday: 7-8 PM

Staying Alive [ Open # B D]

Indiana First Street Church of the Nazarene

100 North 3rd Street, Indiana